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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chicago to Milan Mix

The Back End of a 4 Hour Live Mix on 103.3 WPRB

Download/ Listen Here


Jamie Principle - Waiting on my Angel
Sha-Lor - I'm In Love (Conservation Mix)
Mr. Fingers - A Path
Big Strick - Whaddup Doe!
Roland Appel - No Memory
Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It?
Big Strick - Buckle-Up!
Steve Summers - Waves
Hunee - Standin' High
Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body
On The House - Ride The Rhythm (Collier Edit)
Hunee - Cut Down Trees
Man Friday - Winners
Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming (Ken Collier Mix)
B.W.H. - Livin' Up
Azoto - Anytime or Place
Jackpot - Brief Encounter
Sin & Soul - Believe
Den Harrow - Broken Radio
Hugh Bullen - Alisand
Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dead Mike Flying Solo

Live from WPRB Dead Mike delivers 2 hours of 80's Electro. "Sit Back and Enjoy the Music"



Kraftwerk - Home Computer
ZED - Plastic Love
Gary Numan - Metal
ETMS (Extraterrestrial Music Source) - Sounds of the Humaniod Kind
Charlie - Spacer Woman
IMS - Nonline
Oppenheimer Analysis - Radiance
Private Entertainment - Serenade (For a Changed Heart)
Dogs of War - Future Jungle
Goblin - Safari
Bernard Ferve - Stay of Grey
Ben Richardson - Sky Driver
Chicago - I'm a Man
Novas - Crusher
Soft Cell - Frustration
Kirlian Camera - Communicate
Three to Forgotten - Frostbite
Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High
Yaz - Situation
Orgue Electronique - Texas Brooklyn Heaven
Rythm Based Lovers - Calls of Love
Doctor's Cat - Feel the Drive

Friday, January 8, 2010

20 Mins and Your Head Will Explode

Sent to MotorFunker by a courier service, it arrived on a Cassette Tape marked " A Mix by Darryl Revok. The Ephemero Mix." More Info To Come. For now enjoy the Mix.



Bal Pare - Wir kamen nie an
The Tyrell Corporation - Loose the Hero and Get with the Zero
2VM - Unscathed
Baron Zen - At the Mall (PBW Remix)
Mark Lane - Who is Really Listening
John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery
Minimal Man - Jungle Song
Nimoy - We Are the World
Elisa Waut - Russia

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

12.15.09 Live on WPRB

Cream of the Crop Program here. 2 hours of the Motorfunkin live on WPRB. One of my favorite playlist to date.


Hunee - Brother - Internasjonal
Bottin - Cosmic Pizza - Bear Funk
Giorgio Moroder - Night Drive - Polydor
Dogs of War - Space Conquerer - Electunes
Man Friday - Winners - Slow to Speak
Larry Heard - Feathers Floating - Alleviated
Nacho Patrol - Color Sound - Minimal Rome
Bernard Fevre - Sandobu - Lo
Skyy - First Time Around - Salsoul
Mark Du Mosch - Kolossus - Moustache
Black Mustang - Black Out part 1 - loeb
Kate Bush - Running up that Hill - EMI
Bal Pare - Herz Aus Stein - Minimal Wave
I-f - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less - Disko B
Rat Snake - Gesloten Cirkel - Murder Capital
Salamandos - SH Lovestory 21 - Bunker
Big Strick - Buckle Up - FXHE
Drexciya - Drexciyan R.E.S.T. Period - Clone
Linstrom - I Feel Space - Feedelity
Diego - Walk the Night - Memory

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Laptop New Mixes

I am back on the Internet so Motorfunker Mixes will be catching up to date and only to move on to the FUTURE.......

12.8.09 Live on WPRB


Playlist to Come...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Live from WPRB 11.03.09

Once again a 2 hour mix of new electro disco house from VerisimiliDude and Dead Mike. Sorry for the Delay.


Tracklist to be found here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Live on WPRB 10/27

Another 2 hour session recorded live at WPRB. Alot of new records with some Halloween treats.



Dam Funk Burgundy City 12" Stones Throw

Bernard Fevre Dali The Strange New World Of Bernard Fevre Lo

Hot Toddy I Need Love (Morgan Geist's Love Dub) 12" single Eskimo

Rhythm Based Lovers Heartless Tuesday 12" Single frequeNC

Max D Can U ?` 12" Single Future Times

Oasis Oasis #1 Oasis Collaborating FXHE

A Made Up Sound Disconnect Archive Clone Basement Series

Big Strick Walk Down Linwood 7 Days FXHE

Goblin Profondo Rosso Profondo Rosso Dagored

Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead 12" Single Slow to Speak

Misfits Halloween Legacy of Brutality Plan 9

Rude 66 Horrified Sadistic Tendencies Creme

I-f Quest (Part 1) 12" Single Disko B

I-f Theme from the Pack 12" Single Interdementional Transmissions

Sia Siou Breakin' Up (Instrumental) Cosmic Club Nine Cosmic Club

Kebekelektrik Magic Fly 12" Single T.K. Disco

Azoto Anytime or Place Disco Fizz Dance Factory

Gil De La Paz I Wanna Live Safety Copy 4 Safety Copy

Giorgio Moroder Night Drive American Gigolo Soundtrack Polydor

Cory Daye Pow Wow 12" Single New York International

Erotic Drum Band Touch Me Where It's Hot 12" Single Street-Level

Protect-U Protection 12" Single Future Times

Rhythm Based Lovers Basic Rhythms 12" Single FrequeNC

John Carpenter Arrival At The Library/The Duke Arrives Escape From New York Dagored

Mr. Pauli Don't Want to Be You 12" Single Viewlexx