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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dead Mike Flying Solo

Live from WPRB Dead Mike delivers 2 hours of 80's Electro. "Sit Back and Enjoy the Music"



Kraftwerk - Home Computer
ZED - Plastic Love
Gary Numan - Metal
ETMS (Extraterrestrial Music Source) - Sounds of the Humaniod Kind
Charlie - Spacer Woman
IMS - Nonline
Oppenheimer Analysis - Radiance
Private Entertainment - Serenade (For a Changed Heart)
Dogs of War - Future Jungle
Goblin - Safari
Bernard Ferve - Stay of Grey
Ben Richardson - Sky Driver
Chicago - I'm a Man
Novas - Crusher
Soft Cell - Frustration
Kirlian Camera - Communicate
Three to Forgotten - Frostbite
Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High
Yaz - Situation
Orgue Electronique - Texas Brooklyn Heaven
Rythm Based Lovers - Calls of Love
Doctor's Cat - Feel the Drive

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